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Public Council within the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Public Council was formed on March 26, 2013 in accordance with Decree 115 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (the MIA) of the Republic of Belarus. This date has already become a landmark in the history of Belarusian Police. The present advisory body is designed to ensure the harmonization of socially important interests of citizens, state authorities and public organizations, as well as address the most important issues of Police activity.

The main priorities of the Public Council are engagement of citizens, public associations and organizations in implementation of the state policy in the scope of public order maintenance, delinquency prevention and ensuring public security. The members of this new public unit commit themselves to participation in elaboration and consideration of concepts, programmes and initiatives of citizens, public associations and organizations concerning the most urgent issues of police activity; informing citizens about police and interior troops activity. The advisory body is to analyze public opinion on police activity and inform the heads of appropriate units of the MIA about the results. The Public Council is to participate in conducting public examination of draft laws and other legal acts concerning police activity, assist in cultural level raising, meet intellectual needs and interests of staff and servicemen, familiarize them with the best pieces of classic and modern literature and art. Another important objective of the Council is building up positive image of policemen and popularization of police and interior troops activity among the population.