220030, Minsk
Gorodskoy Val str., 4


Museum at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

The Museum exhibition includes 5 rooms. Room 1 is devoted to law-enforcement activity on the Belarusian territory during the periods of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. The next room represents the history of the Russian Empire created by the Emperor Alexander I and the activities of law-enforcement bodies in the 19th century. Objects on display in Room 3 give information about the organization and formation of the Belarusian militia in 1917 - 1939, and in the first place - Minsk City Militia, headed by Mikhail Frunze.

The largest sections of Room 4 are devoted to the activities of the militia during the Great Patriotic War, the participation of law enforcement agencies of BSSR in the restoration of the destroyed republic, the participation of officers of the Belarusian militia in the liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Room 5 of the Museum widely represents the activities of the forces of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus at the present time.

For the convenience of visitors the exhibition includes modern multimedia portals with additional information about all objects on display.

In addition, guests of the Museum can visit the exhibition "Retro Technical Equipment of Militia". In its Information Center you can find information about the equipment on display, make a virtual tour through the rooms of the Museum and also check your traffic rules knowledge.

Not far from the building of the Museum of the Interior Ministry in Gorodskoy Val Street there is a group of sculptures - a good place for a memorable photo.

220030 Minsk, Gorodskoy Val Street, 7.

Opening hours:
• Open on weekdays 10.00–18.00
• Lunch time 13.00–14.00
• Days off - Saturday, Sunday, public holidays
• Pre-holiday days - 10.00–17.00

You can visit the museum:
Group visiting of 10 to 20 people accompanied by a guide.
Booking in advance: + 375 17 218 55 38.
Individual visit - every even hour.

Cost of an entrance ticket and a tour: free