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24 November 2017Lukashenko checks out Belarusian-made hockey sticks

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko was shown the Belarusian-made hockey sticks as he heard out a report of Chairman of the Supervisory Council of HC Dinamo Minsk, Belarusian Interior Minister Igor Shunevich on 23 November, BelTA informs.

The hockey sticks are a product of the penal labor system operated by the Interior Ministry. Virtually every penitentiary, Igor Shunevich noted, has the necessary manufacturing capacities. “One stick is made from wood; the share of local content is 100%. The other one is made from plastic, with some 50% of local content. We have produced the pilot sets of hockey sticks. Their practical tests are nearing completion. As soon as we obtain an expert opinion, we will fix some things and start the mass production,” Igor Shunevich added.

In his words, for the moment Belarusian hockey sticks are quite competitive in terms of price and quality. For instance, a wooden stick will cost around Br36. The minister added that the head of state commended the quality of products and gave an instruction to slightly modify them. In particular, the blade of the wooden one should be narrower, Alexander Lukashenko said.

Igor Shunevich also touched upon the production of ice hockey uniforms for juniors. They have already entered mass production after some tests and little modifications. “We now make uniforms for children and juniors. I believe that this apparel will be in demand. Today the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation placed a preliminary order for a certain number of uniforms. In my opinion, the same will go for hockey sticks,” the minister remarked.

The president also showed a keen interest in the performance of the Dinamo sports club. The head of state inquired about the prospects of HC Dinamo Minsk. “What can we expect? It is too early to speak about stability for the time being. Will we meet the targets set by the coaches and heads of the club?” Alexander Lukashenko asked.

HC Dinamo Minsk makes every effort to show proper results at the end of the season and advance to the play-offs, the minister underlined. “We have a certain potential and ambitions. So, we will work harder,” he summarized.