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23 May 2018Signed a contract with the consortium consisting of Emperor Technology (China) and X Infotech (Latvia) for the purchasing of equipment and software for making biometric documents in Belarus

The Belarusian R&D enterprise “Cryptotech” (RUE “Cryptotech”) within the Mint Department (Goznak) of the Ministry of Finance from the Republic of Belarus signed a contract with the consortium consisting of Emperor Technology (China) and X Infotech (Latvia) for the purchasing of equipment and software for making biometric documents in Belarus.

The consortium led by Emperor Technology (China) and teamed with X Infotech (Latvia) has won the tender to choose a supplier for equipment and software, which will be needed to operate a system for collecting, processing, and storing biometric and identification data for personalizing and issuing biometric documents.

According to Pavel Khrishchenovich, who is acting as the Deputy Head of the Citizenship and Migration Department of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Belarus, since 2016,relevant government agencies have been working to implement a set of measures to introduce biometric documents, and also, to create a Belarusian integrated service and payment system. The Ministry of Interior is in charge of coordinating the implementation and operation of these documents.

After the implementing these measures in the country, identification cards will be introduced in Belarus as a personal identification document for domestic purposes. Also, biometric passports will be used for traveling aboard. Also planned is the creation of a unified system for the identification of individuals, based on the maximum possible coverage of all segments of the population. It will allow the combining of various departmental information systems and will also allow users to obtain digital, administrative, information, and payment services on the basis of uniform rules (<Digital Government>).

Issuance of biometric documents is expected to begin in 2019. The process will proceed systematically. There are no plans to replace current passports of Belarusian citizens with biometric ones on a mass scale. The Citizenship and Migration Department of the Ministry of Interior draws special attention to the fact that current passports will be valid until the expiry of their validity period, as well as travels to aboard.

RUE “Cryptotech” is a subordinateof the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus. It is the leading enterprise for providing scientific and technical support for the Mint Department (Goznak)’s activities, for the development of new forms of securities and documents requiring a certain degree of protection, and for the development of various anti-forging solutions. RUE “Cryptotech” is the only manufacturer of documents in Belarus on a plastic basis, including contact and contactless chips.

Emperor Technology is a world leading secure ID solution and service provider with core expertise in electronic passports and electronic personal identification documents from biometric data enrollment, and personalization to dispensing. The company has a 23 year history of manufacturing and services and is a trusted equipment manager for the personalization of over 150,000 electronic passports and 300,000 electronic national personal identification documents (ID cards) on a daily basis worldwide, spanning China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Thousands of biometric data enrollment devices, smart eID verifiers and dispensing kiosks are being deployed by Emperor Technology, which has been rewarded the highest customer satisfaction rating.

X Infotech Company is an internationally recognized supplier of software solutions for making and checking digital identification documents. The company's software solutions have been installed in 45 countries across the globe, including the Economic Community of West African States and the European Union (European Union diplomatic passports, Lichtenstein passports, passports and identification cards of Ireland, identification cards in Latvia, and digital payment cards in Europe, Africa, and Latin America).